NWW Sticker

Here at NWW, we have multiple goals we would like to bring into reality. This includes sending Native Girls to Adventure Camps and certifying Native Women to be Wilderness First-aid Responders. In a lot of cases, being in the outdoors is a privilege and requires gear, we want to bring gear into areas that need more resources. All of our Ambassadors are doing incredible work within their own communities, we want to support this. This all requires resources. Please help us reach our goals. With every $10 of donation you get a 3x3 waterproof sticker! So if you donate $100, yup...you get 10! This will help help us produce NWW swag, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, camping mugs, etc. Profits from NWW swag will go directly into our Community Fund, which is what I mentioned above. Please help us create change. Visit our website, in our bio section, and go to the Donation Page. Blessings to you and ahéhee’!

Jaylyn Gough