The story behind our logo


Our brander put a lot of thought and effort in it and I hope you love it just as much as I do!! Please read the following, it explains the symbolism behind the design.

"I designed this in honor of my Great Great (x5) Grandmother, whose name was marked with an X in the census. I want her to be remembered. I also want to be an ally to the Native Women’s Wilderness Community in the hopes they also get the deserved recognition. I chose the figure of an eagle, symbolizing courage, wisdom and strength. I gave her the head of a Native Woman who also gracefully embodies these things and Land. The wings allude to mountains and the feeling of freedom in it and the color was pulled from a Navajo bracelet, pulling together strength and grace. Lastly, there is an X in the whitespace as a nod to my Grandmother, and many women, from so long ago that we know nothing about because of lack of recognition. May their stories be heard."

We recently added to the X in the symbol.  We wanted to include those who don't identify as a "woman", but womxn.  It's more inclusive, it includes more beautiful souls and hearts, to include cis- and transgender women.  

Jaylyn Gough