The numbers are staggering. Our women and girls are being taken from us in an alarming way.  Our women are murdered at a rate 10 times higher than other ethnicities and it's the third leading cause of death for our Women (Centers for Disease Control).  The majority of these murders are committed by non-Native people on Native-owned land. Because of the lack of communication between state, local, and tribal law enforcement, it's difficult to begin the investigation process.  




These numbers speak for themselves, yet it's surprising to me how few people actually know about these events.  


We can't begin to tell you about the violence that our women face. And it's not just on the Reservations – it's down the street, it's in your urban neighborhood, it's in homes, it's everywhere.  

Hashtags for more investigation:

#mmiw #nomorestolensisters #notinvisible  #mmiwg #mmiwg2s




The founders of Native Womens Wilderness and Indigenous Women Hike came together, and along with Native artists created this beautiful image to honor our woman and support the campaign. #MMIW is very close to our hearts, through personal experiences and love for our People. Red is the official color of the #MMIW campaign, but it goes deep and has significant value. In various tribes, red is known to be the only color spirits see. It is hoped that by wearing red, we can call back the missing spirits of our women and children so we can lay them to rest. Through our amazing artist @the_tactician and editor @warpartypictures, we chose a turquoise teardrop earring to represent our sorrow and tears. Turquoise is worn for protection by many tribes to ward off evil spirits, but it's also a symbol of strength and prosperity. May our women and children prosper and be kept safe.